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In December 2016, a National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) survey of drug use, showed a decline of marijuana use among 8th and 10th graders. While this is encouraging, there continues to be a higher rate of marijuana use in states with medical marijuana laws. Over 38% of high school seniors in those states reported past-year use.

The pro-marijuana lobby has invested lots of money to convince teens that smoking cannabis is safer and has fewer consequences than alcohol or cigarettes. A recent RAND study found that teens in California who were exposed to medical marijuana advertising --- which had made the drug much more visible to people of all ages ---- were more likely to report using marijuana one year later.


Glamorization and wide-spread use of marijuana has removed any social stigma among youth. A disproportionate share of dispensaries resemble candy stores with lollipops, brownies, and gummy bears loaded with THC.

Marijuana Edibles

A teen doesn't necessarily need to smoke a joint to get high. Just eat it.

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Teenager speaking with counselor

Developing a healthy style of communication is important to most people and considered a life skill that many desire. This skill can be developed at an early age and many educators are now making it a point to foster communication skills to help their students. 

Unfortunately, we sometimes see younger people who show signs of unhealthy communication that manifest in the forms of unhealthy relationships and anger.


If you are seeing these signs, know that there is something you can do to correct it.


February 17, 2020