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Sunday marked the two-year anniversary of the launch NOMORE.org, a campaign that works to bring awareness and ultimately an end to sexual assault and domestic violence.

This week of awareness for the NOMORE campaign comes at a crucial time for college students, many of whom are on spring break, or planning their trips for the coming weeks. Spring break can be a time of fun, relaxation, and parties. Students want to get away from the stress of school, partying with free-flowing alcohol is where many of them turn. NOMORE Week is a great way to raise awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as learn how to become involved in your town or campus.

Anyone can participate in this week of action, whether you are watching Netflix at home, or in another country working on your tan. Find ways to stay safe this break and see how you can join the cause to end sexual assault and domestic violence on NOMORE.org.  There are events happening all over the country, including fundraisers, television events, and the release of a documentary, “The Hunting Ground.”

Show your support by posting this week on social media and join us by posting your photos to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Show us what you’re posting by using the hashtag #ConsentRespect!

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Teenager speaking with counselor

Developing a healthy style of communication is important to most people and considered a life skill that many desire. This skill can be developed at an early age and many educators are now making it a point to foster communication skills to help their students. 

Unfortunately, we sometimes see younger people who show signs of unhealthy communication that manifest in the forms of unhealthy relationships and anger.


If you are seeing these signs, know that there is something you can do to correct it.


February 17, 2020