Big Announcement: New Course!

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Between 2017 and 2018, there was an increase of over 1.5 million students who reported that they vaped. In December 2018, the US Surgeon General declared teen vaping a public health epidemic. To help combat this, we have rolled out an updated version of our Nicotine 101 course!

Nicotine 101 addresses the use of nicotine in its many forms, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and hookah, but places an extra emphasis on vaping. The course explores an individual’s nicotine use, reasons for use, and consequences of use. In addition, it addresses the following:

  • Personal perceptions of peer usage
  • Reasons for choosing not to use
  • Effects of nicotine on general health, the lungs, and the brain
  • Immediate & physical side effects of smoking
  • Dependence, triggers, and cravings

This course will also have new features including follow-along videos, personalized feedback reports, optional follow up texts and much more! It can be used as both a prevention and intervention course. Non-users will be reaffirmed in their choices. Users will be guided through a personalized plan for change. Individuals will finish the course informed about the effects nicotine has on their body, the risk of addiction, and the impact it has on developing brains.

Are you ready to learn more? Visit to find out more about our new Nicotine 101 course!

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All of us have different ways of coping. We cope when we are dealing with stress. When we are in high-pressure situations. When we are frustrated, angry, or emotional. When we are worried or scared. We all cope in one way or another. 

Are you coping in ways that help you or hurt you?

July 10, 2020